why i launched the 100m tef entrepreneurship programme tony elumelu - Why I launched the $100m TEF Entrepreneurship Programme – Tony Elumelu

Why I launched the $100m TEF Entrepreneurship Programme – Tony Elumelu

Elumelu Founder of TEF Entrepreneurship Programme, Tony Elumelu, has explained why he launched the programme. in an exceedingly statement on Tues by the United Bank for continent Plc advocator Abiodun Coker, mister Elumelu aforesaid that the will to present African entrepreneurs a platform to actualise their ambitions was his major drive in launching the programme. “Our entrepreneurs are arduous at work across the continent, characteristic gaps within the marketplace for specific merchandise and services, and bridging these gaps with their innovation and ingenuity. “Yet, several of those budding entrepreneurs typically lack the capital, the networks, the coaching, the support to require their tiny business to national or regional scale. “All they have may be a aid, some luck, somebody to believe them and take an opportunity on them. “This is what the Tony Elumelu Foundation offers: a platform that empowers African entrepreneurs– from business management coaching, to mentoring, to funding to networking – championing their cause and giving them a worldwide voice to actualise their ambitions. “This is exactly why I launched the USD$100 million Tony Elumelu Foundation Entrepreneurship Programme to empower the subsequent generation of African entrepreneurs. Indeed, these could also be the subsequent UBAs (United Bank for Africa). “So, after I am asked, ‘Tony, why are you and your family doing this? what’s in it for you?’ I smile and recount my very own story of luck. Luck is real, it’s powerful, and that i am committed to spreading it as way as I will. “I am a beneficiary of luck, and that i am enthusiastic about sharing it across the continent, to any or all fifty four countries,” Elumelu aforesaid. The banker recalled however he fortunately got picked for AN interview, that marked the start of his success story, at the then Allstates Trust Bank despite being unqualified. He further that luck was required in achieving goals contrary to claims that tough work alone guarantees success.

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