burna boy clarifies african giant statement promises interview - Burna boy clarifies ‘African giant’ statement, promises interview

Burna boy clarifies ‘African giant’ statement, promises interview

Afro-pop sensation, Burna boy, has processed his ‘African giant’ description of himself when receiving backlash from Nigerians on Twitter. The 27-year-old singer earlier on Thursday known as himself ‘an African giant’ in an exceedingly post on Instagram in response to his name being written in tiny fonts on the list of artistes to perform at Coachella in April. Nigerians on Twitter criticised the singer, job him self-important, which his stellar run in 2018 had gotten to his head. Burna boy afterward deleted the polemical post. In response to the attacks, Burna boy wrote on Instagram on Thursday: “I represent an entire Generation of SOLID AFRICAN inventive going international. Not the soft, Low self worth Africans with the slave mentality. “Nothing I say comes from anyplace of ‘pride’ or any sense of ‘entitlement’, it comes from my Vision of the long run of Africa not simply AFRICAN Music,” the Atlantic Record act ended. He conjointly secure to administer associate degree interview presently to shed additional light-weight on his views.   Burna boy and mister. Eazi are the sole Nigerian representatives at this year’s edition of Coachella, arguably the most important music pageant within the world. The pageant recorded over $114 million in 2018.

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