inec amina zakaris appointment is a non issue - INEC: Amina Zakari’s appointment is a non-issue

INEC: Amina Zakari’s appointment is a non-issue

File icon The freelance National Electoral Commission (INEC) has reacted to criticisms over its appointment of Amina Zakari as Head of its collation centre for the forthcoming presidential election. The opposition has rejected the appointment, language Zakari may be a relative of President Muhammadu Buhari and had shown bias in past elections. it’s not supported the claims. The director of elector education and promotional material at INEC, Oluwole Osaze-Uzzi, however, aforementioned Zakari’s role as head of the gathering center committee has nothing to try and do with actual collation of votes. Uzzi aforementioned this on Friday whereas speaking on a Channel tv programme insistence that solely the chairman of INEC, UN agency is that the functionary for presidential election, decides the validity of votes. He aforementioned Zakari was appointed as a result of she was guilty of welfare, and therefore the role of the collation committee is to be guilty of the organic structure of the International centre (ICC) and was appropriate for the position having been concerned in negotiating for the utilization of the centre in 2015. “The chairman of INEC by virtue of the Electoral Act is that the functionary of the country for the presidential election. it’s he UN agency decides the validity of votes and any problems within the election,” he said. “The committee is primarily guilty of welfare. She was conjointly terribly concerned in negotiating with the independent agency management in 2015 for the utilization of the ability therefore her duty is to confirm the ability is prepared. She has no role any with the method of collation.” Following Mrs Zakari’s appointment on weekday, the opposition Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) and therefore the Coalition of United party (CUPP) discharged statements rejecting her appointment and tightened her removal. once asked if INEC was considering removing her, he said, “Removing her because the chairman of the committee to organize the facility? That’s not a difficulty. It’s a uncalled-for controversy; not a difficulty at all”.

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